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The PUMC cosmetic -aesthetic Practice Assessment and Revenue Building Process is designed to effectively energize and jumpstart and your marketing efforts.

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The PUMC Practice Assessment and Revenue Building Process is designed to assist the aesthetic specialist, medical spa and cosmetic plastic surgeon in a logical and cost-effective process designed to generate patient volume and increase revenue. PUMC’s process will assist cosmetic specialists in objectively reviewing your patient profile, services offered, consultation closure, income projections, fees and competition.

 Do you require assistance in the following areas?

  • Planning a practice expansion with an Income Forecast

  • More practice productivity 

  • Better promotion management

  • Assistance in selection of cosmetic -aesthetic practice marketing software

  • An expert appraisal or critique and marketing activities.

  • Preparation of a banking package

  • Practice income analysis

  • Better management and tracking of marketing

  • Better results with existing marketing practice software 

  • More cosmetic /aesthetic patients or more consultations

  • income & profit Income, Revenue or fee Analysis 

  • Expansion of the practice's service offerings   

  • Desire to improve time management

  • Launching  MediSpa practice   

  • Direction on marketing a fat reduction program like Cool Lipo (Zerona and Zeltiq)

  • Relocation plan of a practice within the same area or a different area 

  • Selling the practice or transition out of the practice.  

  • Mystery shopping or secret shopping competitors or survey patients

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If any of the above goals are desired by the cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon, then the PUMC Practice Assessment could be  achieving that goal. The PUMC Practice Assessment includes a detailed analysis of your practice, promotional opportunities, and obstacles. 

PUMC's goal for each cosmetic -aesthetic client is to make the client the marketing leader. By attending one of PUMC's trainings or current events you will meet members of PUMC's professional team and are in a position to exploit PUMC's experience gained over more than three decades.  




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MARKETING Practice Assessment process is designed to efficiently and ethically create significant income while avoiding costly mistakes. AIDES

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According to Report Linker and other credible research organizations

the cosmetic services market will reach $40 billion dollars or more by

 2013 with a compounded growth rate of 5.2%. Cosmetic surgery

product demand (e.g., dermal fillers and laser dermal resurfacing)

created by manufacturers and suppliers will drive this movement.

Additionally, a growing list of less invasive procedures, products

and home devices  are also expected to create new challenges

and consumer awareness regarding the benefits of seeking a specialist

for their facial surgery need.


PUMC utilizes the following steps:

·         Development of a cosmetic -aesthetic pre-practice assessment questionnaire to facilitate your providing key information

·         Review of the demographics and shopping habits within the practice and service area

·         Mystery phone shopping keys identified competitors

·         Review, analysis, and critique of all of your advertising, promotion tools, tracking system, office information system, practice management software and a probing examination of all available promotion opportunities including, Yellow Pages, print media, and Internet

·         Thorough review of all information provided in the pre-practice assessment questionnaire.

·         Pre on-site phone consultations to confirm that the overall consultation should proceed and that PUMC has viable hypotheses to present to you

·         Comparison of all information received in the questionnaire with our over 500 similar practices.

·         Development of indices of performance criteria for the practice

·         Uploading all outcome of the analysis and critique of your practice onto a secure Web site for continual review  

On-site review of the analysis and critique of your practice, staff, and location.

a.                 Define the marketing data requirements of your practice's marketing and tracking software working with your software consultant. 

b.                 Review the practice’s plans for any new facility, office equipment or system needs, i.e., lasers, phone system, and phone-handling procedures.

c.                 Critique patient-encounter procedures, the consultation process, and follow-up techniques.

d.                 Review your practice’s patient communication protocol, practice management and marketing software

e.                 Critique the cosmetic -aesthetic practices decorum in the presentation of services.

f.                   Provide detailed verbal recommendations for the practice's marketing systems, marketing potential, and projected success.

g.                 Review all documentation used by the practice and staff during the consultation process including photo albums, computerized imager, and letters of testimony.


·         Conferences with key practice personnel

·         An economic and income forecast of your practice's surgery income

·         Appraising the appropriateness of our office systems for the marketing effort

·         Phone conferences at strategic points throughout the assessment

Specific recommendations in the form of an cosmetic -aesthetic income projection or income forecast for your practice, documented Strategic Marketing Action Plan, to achieve the projected income, a budget guideline, and timeline for all promotional activities including:

a.       Training recommendations for the doctor and staff.

b.       Facility enhancement recommendations.

c.        Recommendations for service offerings including technology, skin care services and skin care offerings.

d.       Advertising and promotional campaign for all print media including Yellow Pages.

e.       Recommendations for Image presentation and public relations.

f.         Provider and referral source relations.

g.       Outside support service.


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1 Also known as medical spa, medical spas and medi spa including a franchise, but not to be confused with Day Spa 

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