All cosmetic specialists including a: plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, obgyn doctor or gynecologist, laser specialist, vascular surgeon, general surgeon require advice and training from a seminar and symposium that  address Web, Internet,  SEO, internet optimization, Yellow Pages, media advertising, direct mail,
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  • Recovery practice management techniques for medical spa based practices

  • Managing and training the staff under fire

  • Patient retention systems
    Marketing Plan essentials

  • Advertising Essentials (phone-Internet-media options)

  • Preventing your services from becoming a commodity


PUMC's goal for each medical spa client is to make the client the marketing leader with more patients. By attending one of PUMC's trainings or current events you will meet members of PUMC's professional team and clients putting you in a position to glean from PUMC's experience gained over more than three decades.

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Free patient referrals to cosmetic and plastic surgeons, facial cosmetic specialists, dermatologists, ob/gyns, general surgeons, medical spas, ophthalmologists, vein surgeons, oral surgeons.


The implications of the usage of MediSpa, equipment selection and cosmoceuticals in your practice will be addressed.

You will benefit from over three decades of PUMC’s diversified experience in designing and The specailst for More plastic surgery patients and cosmetic patients managing the promotional activities of cosmetic specialists throughout the United States and internationally. The agency employs a unique style of marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations techniques emphasizing strong fiscal results and accountability of promotional efforts. After the Symposium is completed you will be invited to participate in the post-graduate online Webinar or e-seminar.


The PUMC faculty has had a wealth of experience in implementing marketing programs not only for PUMC clients but also as Practice Managers overseeing the staff and budgets, exceeding $500,000.

1    Also known as medical spa, medical spas and MediSpa including a franchise but not to be confused with Day Spa
For Cosmetic Specialists Managers only

The leaders!  As your advisors, PUMC specializes in: medical spa franchise-marketing-medical spa promotion-cosmetic dermatology marketing-MediSpa marketing- medi spa advertising-medical spa management-MediSpa management-marketing of lasers-skin resurfacing- LipoDissolve -light source-Fraxel®, Thermage- bariatric- Mesotherapy Featherlift-Treadlift- Slift- Swiftlift -medical weight loss-Velasmooth®-MediSpa public relations-MediSpa incentives and hiring & employment plans for aesthethicians / esthethicians-MediSpa Web sites-MediSpa location selection. Webinar (These are not Web casts; they are interactive learning sessions). You are looking for more surgery patients and we will show you how to find them. 

 Click on the hyperlink for additional information on practice development services from the cosmetic surgery advisor who will show you how to enjoy more plastic surgery patient volume.


PUMC serves as coordinator, advisor and an information source to the following specialties or services:

Board certified plastic surgeons, board certified facial plastic surgeons, woman plastic surgeons, woman cosmetic surgeons, Canadian Plastic Surgeons, surgeon and members of: American Medical Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons, American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, National Medical Association ASPS, ASPRS, ASAPS, , AMA, AACS AAFPRS, and NMA. We are forecasting that Cosmetic gynecologists, Cosmetic physicians, Cosmetic Family Medicine doctors will be the new cosmetic Medical spas leaders.

These providers offer: abdominoplasty, aesthetic, alpha hydroxy treatments, AHAs, Articoll, Artefill, augmentation, beautify, blepharoplasty, blepharoplasty, body contouring, Botox® injections, Botox®, breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation, breast enhancement, breast enlargement, breast enlargements, breast implants, breast implant, breast lift, breast reduction surgery, breast reduction, breast surgery, brow lift, butt lift, cellulite, cellulite reduction, cheek augmentation, chemical peel, chin augmentation, collagen, computer imaging, cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic surgery advisor, cosmetic surgery consultant, cosmetic surgery experts, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic, dermabrasion, dermatology, doctor, ear surgery, education, electrolysis, endermologie, endoscopic, endoscopy, enhancement, eye surgery, eyebrow lift, eyelid lift, face lift, facelift, facial implants, facial lipo suction, facial liposuction, facial peels, facial plastic surgery, facial surgery, feather lift, fitness, health, forehead lift endo, forehead lift, fuller lips, glycolic treatments, hair removal, hair restoration, hair, transplant, Hylaform®, lip enhancement, facial contouring, implants, laser hair removal, laser peel, laser resurfacing, laser skin resurfacing, laser surgery, laser, lifts, lip augmentation, liposculpture, lipo sculpture, liposuction equipment, liposuction surgery, liposuction, male breast reduction, medical spa, medical spa, MediSpa, microdermabrasion, microsurgery, nasal, neck lift, neurosurgical, nose job, nose reshaping, nose surgery, nose, nose job, nosejob, Obaji, otoplasty, Perlane, permanent hair removal, plastic surgeons, plastic surgery, plastic surgical operation, radiance, reduction, remover, Restylane, resurfacing, Retin-A, rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty-complete, rhinoplasty-partial, rhinoplasty, skin care, skin rejuvenation, skin, aging, spa, surgery, breast, thermage, tumescent, tummy tuck, ultrasonic, vein therapy, vein, treatment, wrinkles, young, face, youth, zyderm, Fraxel, Thermage,ThermaCoolTM-bariatric, Mesotherapy,,Featherlift, Treadlift, SwiftliftSwift Lift, medical weight loss, Velasmooth Contour, Thread Lift, LipoDissolve marketing training, LipoDissolve marketing, Laser,MesoLift™, MACS Lift, Smoothbeam, light source technology.

MediSpa Promotion Perfected - A PUMC expert is ready to address your special marketing needs if you are offering: Smart Laser Therapy- Fat Transfer -Liposuction- injection lipolysis networks- injectable -Sclerotherapy - Botox® - Restylane® - CO2 Laser - Collagen - Perlane®- Hyaluronic acid - Endermologie - Laser Hair - Peels - Skin care- Dermatology-Velosmooth-Thermage™ -IPL- Skin Filler Marketing - Facial Enhancement Promotion - Cool Touch - Pulse Light Laser - light source-Fraxel - bariatric-Dermal Filler Marketing-Photopneumatic (PPx) therapy-Mesotherapy-Featherlift-TreadliftTM- Swift lift - Swiftlift -(Lipo Dissolve marketing Training) - medical weight loss - MediSpa Services -  laser Liposuction - marketing Smart Lipo™  - Smart Liposuction marketing Laserbodysculputing (SM) -  marketing UtraShape - marketing Ultra Shape - MediSpa Closure Ratios - Big Ticket Procedure - Medical Spa Franchise - MediSpa Promotion -MediSpa Expansion - Surgeons Advisors on all New Technologies including Cosmetic Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty.

About Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants             About Internet Patients Referrals

Clients and customers in the following States and providences

Alabama              (AL)
Alaska                 (AK)
Arizona                (AZ)
Arkansas              (AZ)
California              (CA)
Colorado              (CO)
Connecticut          (CT)
Delaware              (DE)
Washington DC     (DC)
Florida                 (FL)
Georgia                (GA)
Hawaii                  (HI)
Idaho                   (ID)
Illinois                  (IL)

Indiana                 (IN)
Iowa                     (IA)
Kansas                 (KS)
Kentucky               (KY)
Louisiana              (LA)
Maine                   (ME)
Maryland              (MD)
Massachusetts      (MA)
Michigan              (MI)
Minnesota            (MN)
Mississippi            (MS)
Missouri               (MO)
Montana              (MT)
Nebraska              (NE)

Nevada                (NV)
New Hampshire (   NH)
New Jersey           (NJ)
New Mexico          (NM)
New York              (NY)
North Carolina      (NC)
North Dakota        (ND)
Ohio                    (OH)
Oklahoma            (OK)
Oregon                (OR)
Pennsylvania        (PA)
Rhode Island        (RI)
South Carolina      (SC)
South Dakota       (SD)

Tennessee        (TN)
Texas               (TX)
Utah                 (UT)
Vermont            (VT)
Virginia             (VA)
Washington       (WA)
West Virginia     (WV)
Wisconsin          (WI)
Wyoming          (WY)

Puerto Rico       (PR)

Cancellations: You may request a cancellation by submitting written notice or by phone to PUMC 30 days prior to each symposium.  A refund, less a $250 service charge for Jump Start and 25% for Managers Academy, will be remitted.  Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the either symposium shall forfeit one half of the registration fee.  No refund will be extended 10 days prior to the symposium.


A symposium for cosmetic specialists: plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, obgyn doctor or gynecologist, laser specialist, vascular surgeon, general surgeon
Staff Training Seminar


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