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When PUMC designs a Marketing Action Plan and Strategy for a cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, MediSpa1 or cosmetic specialist there will be a major emphasis on tracking the results of promotional activities. All media advertising including the Internet is monitored. Quantifiable statistics must be available to indicate which promotional programs are effective and which are not. Tracking will help the practice to fine-tune the marketing budget from month to month as the practice grows and changes. 

Tracking should be more in depth than simply asking the patient once, “How did you hear about the practice?” The staff should also inquire about “why and how” the patient reached his or her decision to schedule services with the practice. For example, the prospective patient may have seen an ad in the paper for a seminar and then looked in the Yellow Pages to see what various doctors had to offer. In the case of the Internet PUMC's clients are provided with more than simple hit reports.  

It is important to track raw numbers as well as percentages to ensure that the bottom line is cost-effective for the outlay of expenses specified in your Marketing Action Plan and strategy. Also, it is important to track where calls are coming from. This will help assure that those answering the phone or receiving e-mail transactions are providing enough information to allow the caller to decide to make an appointment for a consultation. 

PUMC will work closely with your supplier of practice marketing tracking software and your Internet providers to insure that your database includes the following baseline information data:

·         Inquiry Date

·         Patient Name

·         Patient City or Zip Code

·         Referral Source(s)

·         Consultation Date

·         Procedure/Fee Quoted

·         Procedure/Surgery Date

·         Materials Sent

·         Local Employer

·         A provision to collect the names of family members, personal likes and dislikes, pets, and other facts  


For an important update of the MediSpa1 movement : It's a jungle out there! 

1 Also known as medical spa, medical spas and medi spa including a franchise but not to be confused with Day Spa 


All cosmetic specialists including a: plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, obgyn doctor or gynecologist, laser specialist, vascular surgeon, general surgeon require advice and training from a seminar and symposium that  address Web, Internet,  SEO, internet optimization, Yellow Pages, media advertising, direct mail,


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